Eastlake Clothing


Eastlake Cricket Club has a limited range of clothing for one-day and two-day games, training and everyday wear. Prices and photos are below. The Club will be conducting a refresh of its clothing types and stocks for Season 2021/22 so the availability of some clothing will vary this season.

If you would like to purchase clothing, please email Niall Peat (Clothing / Equipment Officer) at  

Two-Day Uniform

Playing Shirt - $35.00

Playing Pants - $55.00

Two-Day Vest - $55.00

One-Day Uniform

Playing Shirt - $35.00

One-Day Vest - $55.00

Training and Everyday

Training Shirt - $35.00

Training Shorts - $30.00

Training Singlet - $30.00

Tracksuit Pants - $45.00

Hoodie (also available in blue) - $45.00